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February 2024
Ministry Update
It’s a new year and a (additional) new job! Don’t worry, we are still serving and pouring into the Friendship House. Hopefully my opening sentence didn’t startle you too much.
At the end of last school year and a few months before leaving for home assignment (and of course bathed in large amounts of prayer) I felt the push to take a TEFL certification course. When I made the decision to do this I really had no idea how the Lord was going to use me, but that I should simply step out in faith and embrace the course. Stepping in with hands wide open and doing my best to say, “Yes, Lord”, each day. Whether it was homeschooling our kiddos, moving across the country, or heading into missions, Sean and I have always tried to take a hands wide open approach and say, “Yes, Lord.” Although, some days are easier than others, because we are far from perfect, we try and give our God our best, and give Him all glory, honor and praise in the process. When we returned to Spain a month and a half ago I still didn’t know how the Lord would want me to use this new certification. I just wanted Him to use it. Very soon after we arrived we had a handful of students from the Friendship House ask if we would have any English language learning classes. I now have 4 Moroccan women who come weekly for an hour and a half intensive English course. These women have been working incredibly hard and I am quite proud of their growth. One of the sweetest parts was after class last week, one of my students was attempting to teach me Arabic. (I’m a very slow learner.) Another one of my students asked me if I have ever been to Morocco, to which I replied, “No, but I hope to one day.” She then went on to tell me how beautiful it is and that her country would welcome me and my family to visit. Si Dios quiere! If the Lord wills it, I hope our family will get the opportunity to visit this country our students love so much.
Along with the English language course at the FH, I was also asked to join the ELL (English Language Learners) Department at our kids school, ECA. Because classes at the FH are in the morning, this has provided me the additional opportunity to help at ECA in the afternoons. I now get to spend my week assisting 3 students on their English language learning journey. One student is a sophomore in high school and the other 2 are in fourth grade. Helping these 3 boys makes me nostalgic for when we homeschooled our 3 boys. What a blessing! The Lord has blessed in abundance! Our God is able to do more than we think or ask, to Him be the glory.

Ministry Opportunities. How you can be involved…
We are always looking for individuals and or groups to join us in ministry. There are numerous ways you can serve along side us at the Friendship House or serve missionary kids and third culture kids at Evangelical Christian Academy, and it is all within an educational context. Do you have experience teaching English as a second language? Do you have a teaching degree and have a desire to make a global impact? Are you a retired teacher who still has a heart to teach? If you are interested in seeing what our current needs are or have any questions on how you can be a part of making that global impact, you may click the red “button” link below for ECA needs or reply to this email with any questions you might have about a possible FH internship or sending a team from your church or small group. (The attached file is a flyer of current needs at ECA. Feel free to share with the church’s congregation during pre-church announcements or print to hand out to those who you feel may be interested in serving overseas.)
Family Update…
Awhile back we had sent out a social media request in regards to a missions trip that Jack will be taking to Northern Ireland. We want to say a BIG thank you once again to each of you who were able to give so he can go. His trip is coming up this week from February 14th through 18th.
Would you please pray for…
  • travel safety and health for Jack & the rest of the team
  • the team will have several opportunities to share their testimony. Pray that the team members would have willing hearts to share their story with those they come in contact with. Pray that they would be used by God in all circumstances.
  • team unity. It’s one thing to see your classmates daily at school and a completely other thing to be in close living quarters with each other.
Praise & Prayer…
  • Praise the Lord for His provision of health.
  • Praise the Lord that Jack & Evi’s transition back to school has gone well.
  • Pray for current needs at the FH and ECA. There are many.
  • Praise the Lord for new ministry opportunities. May we be a shining light for Him.
  • Pray for the new ministry opportunity I mentioned above as well as willing hearts for other areas of ministry that the Lord may be calling us to. Open our ears and eyes, Lord, so we can hear and see You.
  • Praise, our FIVE YEAR visa application has been turned in. Pray that we would receive an approval and would have no issues with documents or gaining fingerprinting appointments.
  • Pray for wisdom as we continue to seek the Lord’s guidance in raising our adult children as well as preparing to launch another child to college in the next year and a half.
  • Pray for Andrew, Olivia and Ethan as they only have a few months left in this spring semester. Pray they finish strong. Pray for Ethan as he will be looking for a summer job to help pay for next school year as well as purchase a car. If anyone has any leads, let me know.

Much love & many blessings,

Sean & Ruthann


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