Francisco and Celia Cordova
Ministry in the Somerton / Yuma AZ area
October 2023
It’s a pleasure to greet you, knowing that God’s faithfulness never fails. He has confirmed this to us through you that with sincere love and kindness pray for us and support us in the ministry here in the Somerton/ Yuma area. Thank you, thank you so much for your support and friendship. 
We continue moving forward with the ministry here in Somerton/Yuma area. The pandemic was a great opportunity to see God’s loving hand and to prove our love and trust in Him. We have lost loved ones, as many others have. Some have left to be with our Lord, others succumbed to the pressures and stress of the times we are now living. But God our Lord is never changing, always loving and faithful.  Our group is not a big group, though we see new people trusting their lives to Him. We strive to have a Christ centered church, where the sound doctrine, and holiness to our God be the characteristic  in our lives.
As you know, our buildings, particularly the sanctuary, have been standing for many years. Though we have put some work in maintaining it and up upgrading here and there, we decided to remodel it. The building at this point is an empty space, same upstairs as the basement. The contractor and his employees have removed everything, drywall, electric wires, for the city inspector to assess the structure and decide what we can do. We ask your prayers for this project, as there has been a few setbacks, the contractor who is a friend of many years had to have emergency heart surgery, later he came down with cancer (he is doing well, praise God), and the inspector that had approved the project left before the permits were extended to us. Now we need to go through a different inspector. We honestly do not know what he will ask for from us. The truth is that God is in control. We are currently meeting in the small building. 
As for our health, we can say with all gratefulness, God has been good. I had heart surgery, and though the cardiologist continues to struggle with my medications, God has taken care of me in ways that only He can. My Blood Pressure has dropped to 70-80’s over 40’s numerous times, I have been hospitalized because of these situations, but God has been there for me, always protecting and giving me strength. I am doing good; I am able to work, and I thank Him for the congregation he has allowed me to minister to, in many ways they minister to me and are of encouragement and strength. He has also, and most importantly has given me a family that is there every instance do love and support Celia and me. 
Thank you so very much for your prayers, we know God is capable of greater things, greater than man can ever imagine, so we trust Him in every step, and we pray our passion and love for Him, His ministry, never ceases. It is He who has brought us this far and we await still for that day when we will see Him face to face.
God bless you, greetings to the congregation to Pastor Mike and Barbara. God be with you.
Francisco J Cordova and Celia