Message from 6/16/2019:  Sermon Page
Message for Sunday – 6/23/2019
“Don’t Be Stupid—Back to the Work”

Russ Hendricks

Celebrate in Song – 6/23/2019

“All Praise to Him” 

“Worthy of Worship”

“His Name is Life”  #114

 “Calvary Covers It All”  #189

 “My Hope Is in the Lord”  #406

 “Come Just as You Are”  

“Awesome God”



Children’s Church for children K through 4th grade is available in the Westphal Fellowship Hall. Children are invited to attend each Sunday at the end our our Songs of Worship in the main service. After the service, you may pick up your children in the Westphal Fellowship Hall.

(through the doors on either side of the pulpit area)