Dear faithful friends at Pine.  Greetings from Halifax,
Thank you for your recent update of how things are going in Pine.Thank you so much for your continual encouragement and support over these past three years that I have been home from China. I cannot believe it has been three years of waiting to get a home in Nain in Labrador.
This is been a very fruitful time in my life. I’ve been volunteering at my home church and drawing a small stipend. I have been doing a lot of counseling here, and I know that this will be a good skill set for the work that I will be doing in Nain.
Every week I feel like I am going to get the call that my home is available. There is such a massive housing crisis in this community. That being said I still believe God is called me to be there and that housing will come available. Please continue to pray and believe with me that the door will open soon. Even next week. That is my my desire.
I do stay in contact with some friends in Nain, mostly on social media and messaging. So far there have been no cases of Covid there. This is very good news. That being said, the ice has just broken up in the harbor, so I am thinking that the ferry will probably start running soon. With that will come people from away. Please pray that none will bring this terrible virus to this community. They are very ill equipped to handle it. There is no hospital… they just have a clinic. All medical emergencies require a flight to the capital. The problem with that is that flights cannot come in and out when there is bad weather. And there is almost always bad weather. Fog lots of fog.
I have been slowly purchasing furniture to take with me when I go. I think the only thing that I still need to get is a sofa and a bunk-bed. Most of the furniture has been given to me. Most of the kitchen supplies have also been given. But I have been buying things as they have come on sale or as I have seen them in the thrift stores. I feel ready to go. My motto for this year has been Ready Aye Ready. This is the Canadian Navy motto. See Luke 12:40,42-44,47-48. I say to the Lord, “Here I am. Standing alert, ready, prepared to except whatever You ask of me”. Readiness is a term militarizes is used to describe their ability to do their jobs; to fulfill their mandate at any given moment. Ready to deploy, ready to fight, ready to defend, ready to advance, etc…. ready to serve. Training and exercise are essential to ensure readiness; to keep the machine well oiled.
I have said it before and I will say it again “God is in the waiting”. I am by no means discouraged. I wait with great anticipation of what God is going to do in and through me and through the people of Nain.
My church has been closed down since mid March. We are opening our office back up on July 1 and I will be working full-time as a volunteer and drawing a small stipend. We have been having all of our services online for quite some time now and this will continue for quite a while to come apparently. We are able to have small groups in the church; this change came a couple of weeks ago. So we have begun our prayer meetings and our Restore meetings at the church. I will also be able to start counseling again from the church.
These certainly are trying times. It is at times like this that the Lord is at work in our lives growing us making us stronger. I am greatly encouraged by what I see in the body of Christ people drawing closer to God, people reaching out to each other in love and in practical ways.
I am living at home with my mother, doing all the housekeeping and cooking while she works out in the garden. She is a great gardener. Mom is almost 89 years old, she suffers from a blood cancer and another blood disorder. I consider it a big favor from the Lord to be able to be here with her at this time.
All monies that have been sent have been placed in the Nain fund awaiting my deployment to Nain. I am grateful for your partnership.
I pray blessings for you and your church for you and your families, that you will all know God and his plans and purposes for your life. I pray that you will be healthy. I pray that you were growing in Christ. I pray God‘s great blessing upon you that you all have enough everything you need.
Love and many blessings Lynette Newton